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Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award winnerJaney Lee Grace HIghly Commended
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John Monk (johnone23__AT__talktalk__DOT__net)

Love it (Omega VERT).
I had never used a juicer before and initially found this a little daunting. I washed all of the bits that clip onto the base unit and left them on the drying rack, to dry.
I took my time reading the manual and it all slotted together really easily. This unit has a good strong motor, but it will tend to jam if you try and cram the produce in too fast. In which case a few seconds in reverse soon clears it. I found that the neck of input tube is a natural limit to size. So I pre-cut everything so that it can be dropped down the tube, one by one. And without forcing. Done in no time!
The resulting juice is superb and gives you a powerful clear buzz straight away.
Cleaning is easy. But I prefer to take my time. Three or four minutes in a relaxed manor.
So pleased with this juicer. The motor sounds unperturbed and in command. I use it everyday, at least once. Looking forward to many a year of happy use.
This stuff really does make you feel good.


Helen M x

I really am so very pleased with the help and superb customer service Anne has provided me with over the last few months. I have purchased a water wise filter which has been excellent but my most life saving purchase has been the enema kits. After embarking on a detox regime of juicing and a move towards raw food, clean water etc I felt as though I was going round in circles, just not being able, to clear the overwhelming feeling of fatigue and toxicity. I watched revelation tv and took advice from felicity corbin wheeler, and we discussed that I am backed up and the colon is not eliminating the toxins. I did one enema and cleared years of illness out of my body. I cannot thank Anne enough. This is not medical advice so consult with a practitioner but for me it was the missing link. The colon is rarely thought of yet it's our waste disposal unit that needs a good clean from yrs of toxic junk food air and water. Thx Anne for bringing this to the masses. Xxxx


Judy B

This is the best courier service I've experienced. I even get a little map showing the progress of my distiller. This is brilliant! Many thanks for this and for your advice.


Michael M (ompapa210__AT__gmail__DOT__com)

I make nut milks several times a week. Most frequently almond, cashew, walnut or hemp. I have used several different bags in the past. Your Squeeze 'n' Sprout Nut Milk Rounder is my favorite. I appreciate the fine mesh which results in a smoother milk with less pulp. Two big advantages over the competitors are its larger surface area making it easier to squeeze out all of the milk from the pulp and its lack of seams that tend to be weak spots in other bags that can break open under pressure during squeezing. Also pulp can get stuck in the seams of other bags making them difficult to clean. Because the rounder is large, it takes a while to coordinate pouring in the milk and tightening the bag without spilling, but once that is mastered it does an excellent job and is now the only bag I use.


Roslyn B

I would just like to say, I recently bought the Juice Producer KT2200 from you and I love it. Previously I had a centrifugal juicer so the juice from this is far superior. I find it pleasant to use and enjoyable to clean. I am a very happy customer.



I love this (KT2200) juicer, quiet, produces great juice, best juicer I have owned!


David Titterton (david_titterton__AT__yahoo__DOT__com)

Since buying this nut milk bag our weekly order of milk for the two of us is down to 2 pints!
All cereals are now with almond milk and it is added to many smoothies instead of water. The bag is strong, easy to wash and filters to perfection. A pleasure to use, my first milk bag , not this make, lasted 4 days and burst under my 70 odd year old titanic grip!


David Titterton

Wanting to increase the production of wheat grass I bought this product in August. It has been in continuous use since then, and does the job to perfection. Only recommendation is to use the suggested quantity of hydrogen peroxide to remove the slight mould growth, which is not on the wheat grass but in the reservoir, saves time when rinsing out.
David T


Theresa, Scotland

Re: your 'Survival Still'. I am very pleased with this product. I have done two distillations and the water reading on the 2nd one gave me 1ppm, which is very good and OK for making colloidal silver, when necessary. It is very slow at filling the glass bottle (which I also ordered from you) but that is because my hotplate doesn't get very hot (an old cooker). Also, one does need to follow the instructions very carefully. Thank you for this product. Excellent for survival needs, although if that wasn't a factor, I think I would probably find the electric ones easier to use.



Thank-you for the Airwise and Waterwise products I purchased from Wholistic Research. They are fantastic life-enhancing products I use every day. It's nice living in London but the air and water are toxic, so it's with great relief I can drink clean water, and breathe clean air in my home!


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