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Health Stream Compact Juice Press, FREE mainland UK delivery

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Why Buy a Health Stream Juice Press?

The Health Stream Juice Press, in Combination with a Juicer, Does the Job More Thoroughly and Produces a Better Quality Juice than from a Juicer Alone 

Used in combination with a juicer that gives a well broken up pulp (e.g. a masticating juicer like the Champion), the Health Stream Juice Press ensures that not only more vegetable and fruit juice is extracted but an even higher concentration of nutrient and mineral content is extracted.

The Health Stream Juice Press Ensures Efficient Juice Extraction - Here's How

First, a high-powered cutter used by a masticating juicer like the Champion, reduces fruit or vegetables to a very fine pulp. This pulp is then placed in a strong, nylon twill juice cloth inside a stainless steel pan. A solid, one-piece beechwood pressing block is placed on top. The pan and its contents are placed on the pressing platform inside the press. The platform is raised against the top casing of the press and a pressure of up to 4 tonnes squeezes practically all of the juice out of the pulp, flushing out a higher concentration of nutrients under this high pressure. This juice is finely strained through the juice cloth giving a clearer juice than when using a juicer alone. The juice runs out through a spout on the stainless steel pan. (The spout is blocked with a rubber bung to prevent juice running out until you are ready to collect it.) The pulp of even hard root vegetables is reduced to something resembling a piece of damp cardboard in a few minutes.

This method of pulping and then hydraulic pressing is often used commercially, on a larger scale, and is generally accepted as the only way to successfully and efficiently extract all the plant juices and nutrients.

It is important to note that, according to tests* by an independent consultant chemist from Washington, Utah - Leroy J Bailey - the concentration of nutrient and mineral content in the extracted juice rises as more juice is extracted. It seems that the last ten percent of juice comes out with a far higher content than the first ten percent. Also, efficient pulping and pressing results in a higher percentage of nutrients being extracted, even if the quantity of juice extracted remains the same.

The Gerson Therapy for cancer and other serious illnesses insists on the highest quality juice as an integral part of the therapy. The use of the Health Stream Press, in combination with the Champion Juicer, has been recommended by Charlotte Gerson, daughter of the famous pioneer Dr. Max Gerson, as long ago as April 1987. Wholistic Research Company continues to work closely with Gerson patients and the UK Gerson Support Group.

A Champion Juicer and a 4-tonne Health Stream Juice Press together cost less than a quarter of the expense of importing a Norwalk Juicer (a US-made juicer and 1-tonne press combined in one large machine) into the UK.


The Health Stream Juice Press Offers...

  • 20% to 200% more juice and up to 300% more nutrients than with a juicer alone
  • High Quality 4-tonne Jack
  • Stainless Steel Juicing Pan
  • Rubber Bung
  • Juice Cloth
  • Solid Beechwood Pressing Block
  • Exceptionally Sturdy Construction
  • Will give many years of trouble-free use

Best Used with a Champion Juicer The Champion Juicer grinds the pulp more finely than any other juicer, so that more juice and nutrients are available to be extracted in the Health Stream Juice Press. This can be seen in the following photos where equal amounts of fruit and vegetables were juiced in a single auger juicer and the Champion Juicer.

When the left over pulp is compared you can see that the pulp from the Champion Juicer (right) is more finely ground up and mixed than the pulp from a single auger juicer (left).

Pulp from a single auger juicer             Paler, finer pulp from a Champion Juicer

This is what makes the Champion Juicer the ideal companion to the Health Stream Juice Press. The more finely broken up the pulp, the more juice the press can extract.

The Compact Juice Press has a smooth easy-clean finish that matches the white Champion Juicer.


The stainless steel juice press pan can be placed on top of the wooden block and positioned so that the pulp from the Champion Juicer will be deposited directly into the cloth lined pan. The pan is then ready to place straight into the press after folding the cloth over the pulp and putting the block on top of the pan.




*Leroy J Bailey's test results show the amount of calcium (for example) that a hydraulic press juicer can extract from 5 pounds of carrots, compared to juicers on their own, demonstrating the value of using both a juicer and a juice press:

Centrifugal Juicer              Champion Juicer             Hydraulic Press Juicer

501mg                             1458mg                       2708mg




The New Improved Health Stream Compact Juice Press
Smaller, Lighter, Curvier

For those who might struggle to lift and use a heavier juice press like the original Health Stream, the Compact Health Stream Juice Press is the perfect solution. The Compact is a significantly lighter-weight version of this exceptionally sturdy 4 tonne press, yet still tough enough to handle the pressure.

Using the same high quality 4 tonne jack, stainless steel pan and beechwood pressing block as the original Health Stream, the Compact is a full 5kg lighter in weight than the original because the outer casing has been much reduced. Its attractive curving frame is more kitchen friendly, taking up less space on your work surface.

The narrower top means the pan is automatically positioned correctly (i.e. centrally), unlike the pan in the original Health Stream Press which had to be carefully centred to avoid damage to the top of the press.

The Compact press is quicker and easier to use because the top is lower and closer to the pressing platform, so the jack requires less pumping before the pan reaches the top of the Compact Press.

With many more benefits than its larger predecessor, demand for the Health Stream Compact Juice Press far exceeded the original Health Stream Press, which has now been phased out.



Compact and original Health Stream Juice Presses back to back.



Model                                Weight                       Dimensions - lwh

Health Stream Original       19kg                    290 x 255 x 370mm

Health Stream Compact     14kg                    210 x 190 x 340mm


Warranty: 2 years 



**SOLD OUT**[J61] Health Stream Compact Juice Press**SOLD OUT**[J61] Health Stream Compact Juice Press£399.00Qty:N/A
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