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Deluxe Wheatgrass Starter Kit

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Traditionally wheatgrass is grown in soil. But you can also grow wheat grass hydroponically - without soil, just in water - with no significant loss of nutrients. In fact, you can get a greater yield of wheatgrass juice from hydroponically grown wheatgrass because you can juice the roots as well.

The Deluxe Wheatgrass Starter Kit allows you to grow wheatgrass at home with just seeds and water in attractive, plastic-free equipment that will grace any kitchen. It is simply easier to grow wheatgrass without the mess and hassle of compost and plastic trays. There is less work to do - no composting, fewer bugs and less mould. With hydroponically-grown grass you can juice the whole grass, roots and all.

The top quality Deluxe Wheatgrass Starter Kit includes:

  • ONE SPROUTING JAR - A glass jar with stainless steel mesh screen top - for easy soaking, rinsing and drainage. Once the wheat has sprouted you can then spread it on the sieve in the tray.
  • ONE GLAZED CERAMIC WHEATGRASS TRAY - a beautiful circular glazed ceramic tray, 12" in diameter (NOW GLAZED WHITE - see related products below), with a detachable stainless steel sieve that sits in the tray allowing water to drain and the roots to grow through. The sieve has two convenient handles to lift it out of the tray for rinsing.
  • 500g ORGANIC WHEAT BERRIES - enough for 5 trays
  • SEAWEED NUTRIENT POWDER (optional) * - enough for 24 trays



*While adding seaweed nutrient to the water is sometimes recommended to supply minerals normally found in soil, not everyone agrees this is necessary. Steve Meyerowitz author of Wheatgrass Nature's Finest Medicine says, "For indoor gardening, wheatgrass is virtually just as potent whether you grow it in soil or in water." A nutritional comparison from lab analysis of two trays grown in the same greenhouse under the same conditions using the same seed, one in composted organic soil, the other just in water showed insignificant or no difference in nutrient levels. According to Mr. John Howell, of the Soil Lab at the University of Massachusetts, the two products are virtually equal: "It appears as though the grass has not begun to get nutrients from the composted soil but is still growing off the initial nutrient base of the seed." So because the grass is only grown for a few days before it is juiced, it does not have time to develop a requirement for extra nutrients, the way it would if being grown outdoors as a crop of wheat.


*If you intend to juice the roots as well as the grass, then it is advisable to grow wheatgrass in pure water without seaweed nutrients since it would be difficult to thoroughly wash the seaweed solution off the roots before juicing them.


Mould is less likely to be a problem with this kit since it allows for good ventilation, but if your grass does develop mould - a fairly common problem amongst wheatgrass growers - it is not advisable to juice the entire plant (blades, roots and seeds). If the layer of seeds contains any traces of mould, you can just slice the roots off the bottom of the Wheatgrass tray mesh and cut the grass above the mould, discarding only the seed layer. 


You will get a greater yield of juice by juicing both the grass and the roots. The roots are also nutrient-rich and they help tone down the very strong flavour of wheatgrass juice.

HANDY TIP: Mould can be prevented by soaking the seeds in 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) before sprouting them to destroy any mould spores that may be on the seeds. You can also spray the layer of seeds and growing grass with 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide to prevent any airborne mould spores taking hold. The extra oxygen molecule in the H2O2 will be released and kill the spores, leaving only pure H2O - water. Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide is available from Wholistic Health Direct - see Related Products below.



With a small initial capital outlay, and a little on-going effort in tending your crop, you can grow trays of wheatgrass very easily. It is one of those habits that's easy, once you know how, and you've experimented a few times! There are 2 mediums in which to grow wheatgrass - using soil or hydroponically (using water). The hydroponic method is convenient for those people who do not have easy access to compost and those who just want to keep the growing really simple and clean. You can try both methods, and choose which suits your own circumstances best. Growing instructions are included with the kit, which provides the ingredients for at least 5 trays of wheatgrass grown hydroponically.


Wheatgrass earned its reputation from people with terminal illnesses, who took it at the eleventh hour after conventional medicine left them with no hope. In the 1970s, Dr Ann Wigmore opened the Hippocrates Health Institute, in Boston, nourishing terminally ill patients back to health with fresh squeezed wheatgrass.

Dr Charles F Schnabel (1895 - 1974) chemist and agriculturalist, knew from his work with his farm animals and his research in the laboratory, that wheatgrass boosts nutrition, builds good blood and strengthens immunity. More recently, there are many studies demonstrating the efficacy and nutrition of grass foods, using both clinical evidence and testimonials.

In the US there are numerous healing centres, where wheatgrass plays a key role in the diet. There are courses run in the UK by proponents of wheatgrass and raw, living foods.

Wheatgrass has long been used like a herbal medicine - for its therapeutic and nutritional properties. Although wheat is the most popular, barley, oats and rye are equally potent.


  • Blood purification 
  • Liver detoxification 
  • Colon cleansing
  • As a food Wheatgrass is very nourishing and restorative with a complete range of nutrients.
  • Therapeutically, the fresh juice can be drunk or applied rectally using an enema implant.
  • For disease prevention, you can make powdered drinks or drink the fresh juice as part of a long-term health maintenance programme.

Powdered wheatgrass lacks the bioactive, more therapeutic value of fresh wheatgrass juice, but the powder is nutritionally superior to the juice because it is more concentrated. The powder can be considered a better vitamin and mineral supplement and the juice more appropriate if you are trying to restore your health from disease. That being said, there is some overlap, so both fresh and powdered wheatgrass will serve each role to a certain extent.

WHEATGRASS IS GLUTEN-FREE. For those with intolerance to gluten, do not be put off . . . The grain metamorphoses completely into a vegetable, with none of the allergic proteins common to the glutenous grains.

". . . our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food" - Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

It has long been established that the best medicine is a whole, natural food. All known nutrients were found in concentrated form in wheatgrass, including what are now known as phytochemicals. Also anti-oxidants, enzymes, 20 amino acids, vitamins including: folic acid, calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, potassium, and cellular RNA and DNA. Similar natural superfoods containing a broad spectrum of concentrated nutrients are bee pollen, spirulina, chlorella and blue green algae. They all provide the raw materials from which the body manufactures what it needs and balances its own chemistry.

Grasses, along with alfalfa and these algae, are the richest sources of chlorophyll on the planet. Green plant cells are the only cells capable of absorbing the energy of the sun. The famous research scientist E. Bircher called chlorophyll "concentrated sunpower - it increases the functions of the heart, improves the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus and the lungs. It raises the basic nitrogen exchange and is therefore a tonic which, considering its stimulating properties cannot be compared with any other".

The amount of juice you drink is totally up to you. A standard dose is considered to be around one or two ounces (30 to 60ml), but therapeutic doses can range from 4 to 10 or even 20 ounces. More than 4 ounces should be taken rectally because drinking large quantities can cause nausea. Ann Wigmore invented the use of wheatgrass implants. More information can be found in books on the subject - see Related Products below.

Steve Meyerowitz says "Grass is non-toxic in any dose, but you may react to the results of its detoxifying power. All grass is a powerful purgative for the liver, and too much can release too many poisons too quickly".

EXPERIMENT! Start with small quantities of wheatgrass juice. It can be mixed with other juices or taken neat. Notice the effects of a daily 1oz shot! Remember - it's concentrated sunpower! Rocket fuel! Greenpower! Living food! Whatever it becomes for you . . . have fun! If you have time let us know how you get on.




"Jennifer Aniston claims she now adds wheatgrass supplements to all her meals because she has never felt better than since she started eating it. Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, 20 amino acids, several hundred different enzymes and 90 different minerals and vitamins including vitamin B12 & calcium. And Jen’s so keen on eating it, she’s even started growing it at home.


 + recipe for a wheatgrass smoothie – oranges, banana, lime, ice cubes & wheatgrass.

Closer Magazine July 2003

You can buy Wheatgrass in powdered form here from Wholistic Health Direct or grow it fresh.



**SOLD OUT**[SP23+SP5] Deluxe Wheatgrass Starter Kit**SOLD OUT**[SP23+SP5] Deluxe Wheatgrass Starter Kit£47.00Qty:N/A
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I just took delivery of my Wheatgrass kit. Thank you so much for all your help.
It was worth waiting every second for this kit. What a beautiful, quality product it is indeed. Thanks again

Peter Craig

You've got the best selection of sprouters i have seen on any website yet. So i really like your products and the quality, not all the plastic things most shops have.

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