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Three Glass Sprouter Kit

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Glass sprouting jars provide one of the simplest, easiest methods for sprouting seeds, legumes, grains and beans. With the Three Glass Sprouter Kit you can grow a variety of seeds at once, or a rotational crop of your favourite sprouts.

  • Soak and rinse seeds in the same jar

  • Rinsing under running water helps remove mould spores

  • Oval shaped jars allow more light onto leafy sprouts

  • Suitable for sll sizes of seeds for sprouting, even the tiniest of seeds

For those who wish to avoid plastic sprouters, these glass sprouting jars are a welcome solution. The seeds are soaked in water overnight in the jars, then simply rinsed twice a day under a running tap. The jars are inverted between rinsings to allow thorough drainage. In a few days each jar will be full of fresh tasty, clean sprouts which you can add to salads, sandwiches or stirfries.

Rinsing sprouts in a jar is one of the best ways to thoroughly rinse away the growth inhibitors and seed casings on sprouting seeds. It also washes away any mould spores to help keep your sprout crop healthy and fresh. Simply hold each jar under a running tap, or if you prefer you can use filtered or distilled water to rinse your sprouts. The higher you hold the water jug while pouring the water through the mesh top, the more force is applied to the flow of water. The force of the water swirls the seeds around and loosens the seed casings.

Some finer sprouts - like alfalfa, clover and broccoli - are eaten after they have grown the first pair of green leaves. These oval glass sprouting jars allow more light into the centre of the jars, so more chlorophyll can develop in the sprout's leaves. In round sprouting jars light doesn't always reach the sprouts growing in the centre of the jar, so you end up with more sprouts with yellow leaves.


Using an oval jar means a greener crop so you get more healthy chlorophyll.

The Three Glass Sprouter Kit includes:

  •  Three glass jars - either 3/4 litre or 1 litre - with stainless steel mesh tops for super easy rinsing

  • Stainless steel rack to hold three jars at an angle for perfect drainage

  • Glazed ceramic drip tray to protect your work surface


NEW - These kits are now available with two sizes of sprouting jars. Upgrade to the larger 1000ml jars for just £3 more.

1000ml New Larger Jar / 750ml Original Jar


**SOLD OUT**[SP21] Three Glass Sprouter Kit with 750ml jars**SOLD OUT**[SP21] Three Glass Sprouter Kit with 750ml jars£49.95Qty:N/A
**SOLD OUT** [SP211] Three Glass Sprouter Kit with 1000ml jars**SOLD OUT** [SP211] Three Glass Sprouter Kit with 1000ml jars£52.95Qty:N/A
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Sprouts are a big part of my diet. I have arthritis, and anything which makes life easier is always welcome!These jars are easy to handle, and do just that. Oh joy!

D Hammonds (david__DOT__hammonds__AT__ntlworld__DOT__com)

These sprouting jars are quick, clean and easy to use. Good quanities of sprouts can be had with ease. They even look attractive in the kitchen and attract a lot of favourable comment form visitors!

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