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Biological Medicine : Lead Article
by Dr Robert Jacobs, MRCS, LRCP
Biological medicine is a form of wholistic medicine which has grown up primarily in Germany since the Second World War. It combines knowledge gained from classical homeopathy and from traditional acupuncture with modern electronic and computer technology.

In its present form, biological medicine started in the 1950s when a German doctor and scientist named Rheinhold Voll began scientific studies into acupuncture - a system of healing long used in the Orient whereby fine needles are inserted into specific points in the skin to rebalance the body's energies so preventing and treating disease.

Dr Voll's researches showed that the points traditionally used in acupuncture had different electrical properties to the rest of the skin. They generally had a lower electrical resistance than other points. Voll also found that measurement of the electrical properties of acupuncture points gave valuable information about the state of the internal organs of the body. He constructed a machine to measure the electrical properties of acupuncture points, enabling precise diagnoses to be made about the state of bodily organs.

This in itself is a useful diagnostic tool which is still used today. However Dr. Voll's discoveries did not end there. A chance discovery revealed that Voll's machine could also be used to choose homoeopathic and other remedies to treat or prevent illness, i.e. to identify for each patient the effective remedies for their condition before the patient takes the remedies.

Homoeopathic remedies are medicines made out of herbs or other medicinal substances which are prepared by a process of repeated dilution, so that eventually a very dilute solution is arrived at which may contain little in the way of molecules of the original substance but which will still contain the electronic information of that substance.

Research carried out in Germany has shown that homoeopathic remedies emit electro-magnetic radiation in the extremely high frequency millimetre wave band. Therefore a homoeopathic remedy can be conceived as an electro-magnetic signal which gives information to the body analogous to the way in which a household can receive information from radio-waves once they have passed through a TV or radio receiver.

To return to Dr. Voll, he was once demonstrating his electro-diagnostic apparatus (which is known as a Dermatron) to an audience of doctors and was testing a member of the audience. He had found abnormal electrical readings at a number of acupuncture points which indicated that this man was suffering from a disease of the prostate. The seminar then adjourned for a coffee-break.

During the interval another member of the audience gave the man who was the test subject the homoeopathic remedy Populus which is traditionally used for the treatment of prostate conditions. The subject put this remedy in his pocket. When the seminar resumed Dr. Voll began re-testing this man but now could find no trace of the prostate problem as all the acupuncture point measurements had returned to normal. This was just because the man had a homoeopathic remedy in his pocket! When the remedy was removed from his pocket the abnormal acupuncture point readings came back. It was clear that the electro-magnetic radiations from the homoeopathic remedy were interacting with the electro-magnetic properties of the man's body in such a way that they were brought back to normal.

This led to the discovery that when the Dermatron had found the presence of disease in a patient through detecting abnormal readings at acupuncture points, the placing of the correct homoeopathic remedies on the patient's skin or into the electrical circuit would bring about normalisation of the readings. This remedy was the one the patient needed to take.

The fact that homoeopathic remedies bring about beneficial electrical changes in the human body and that they could be detected and measured by electronic devices, thereby allowing the appropriate remedy to be chosen is the main basis of German Biological medicine. The process of electronic diagnosis and choice of remedies is known as Electro-Dermal Screening. Dr. Voll's particular method is known as Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll, or EAV.

Other methods of Electro-Dermal Screening

Dr. Volls's method consisted of measuring an enormous number of acupuncture points and testing a large amount of different remedies. This made his method very time consuming, so ways were sought to simplify it. Dr. Helmut Schimmel invented a simplified form of Voll's apparatus which is known as the Vegatest. This is probably the best known of all the electro-dermal screening devices used today.

With the Vegatest, all measurements are carried out using one single acupuncture point instead of hundreds as is the case in Voll's method. One point is measured and samples corresponding to different organs, and different disease-causing factors such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and chemical toxins are introduced into the electrical circuit one by one. A change in reading shows which bodily organs are affected and by what. Remedies are then introduced into the circuit till one or more is found to correct the readings. The remedies which correct the readings are the ones the patient requires.

The Causes of Disease as found by Biological Medicine

Dr. Helmut Schimmel has gained a number of interesting insights into the causation of disease using electro-dermal screening. For instance, he has found that most long standing illnesses are caused, at some level, by a persistent viral infection. Such researches show that a lot of chronic illnesses are caused, at least in part, by viruses. This appears true of illnesses such as high blood pressure, arthritis, thyroid disease, asthma, allergies of all kinds, auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, infertility, and multiple sclerosis. The cause of all these diseases is unknown to conventional medicine.

Electro-dermal screening often reveals the presence of a persistent viral infection in all these diseases. As there are a large number of homoeopathic medicines and herbs which can remove viruses, this means that all these diseases and others may be effectively treated by Biological Medicine. It even appears that viruses may play a part in causing cancer and other malignant diseases.

Interestingly enough, recent conventional medical research has confirmed that viruses (in particular, a virus known as Coxsackie B) may play a role in causing Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease. In general the latest conventional research tends to confirm rather than contradict the findings of Biological Medicine.

Viruses are not the only cause of disease identified by Biological Medicine, and even when they are present they may not be the root cause. Toxins picked up from the environment such as Pesticides, particularly the Organo-phosphates, Mercury from dental amalgam, and industrial pollutants often underlie, and create, virus infections. Other causes of disease found include Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites. Psychological and spiritual factors may also underlie disease states. These too can be detected by Electro-Dermal Screening and appropriate remedies prescribed. Additional factors which pre-dispose to disease can include harmful man-made electro-magnetic fields and microwave radiations.

Computerised Systems

Various computerised electro-dermal screening devices have been produced. These work on exactly the same principles as other such devices but are computer driven. They tend to be less adept in the detective work involved in determing the causal chains and other basic relationships between stress factors and the patient, but are useful when an overall "screening" approach is called for, as they produce a lot of information. The best known are the Listen and Best systems which are made in the USA and are computerised EAV devices.

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy is an interesting offshoot of Electro-Dermal Screening. This makes use of a device which takes the body's own electro-magnetic signals, alters them and then feeds them back into the body. Usually the signals are inverted so that peaks of electro-magnetic waves become troughs and vice-versa. Feeding this altered signal back into the body cancels out the pathological electronic information coming from viruses, bacteria, and chemical toxins. This causes the cells of the body to start pushing out and eliminating these disease-causing factors, and so the root causes of disease are removed from the body and healing can take place.

There are a number of different Bioresonance machines in use, all of which work on similar principles. The best known ones are the Vega Select, Mora and Bicom machines.

Bioresonance Therapy and the Russian Space Programme

During the last years of the Soviet era the Russian space programme concentrated on sending men into space for long periods of time, often for many months. One cosmonaut stayed in space for longer than a year. These cosmonauts were in space with no access to medical attention. The fact that all water (including urine) was recycled on vehicles such as the Mir Space Station meant that chemical-based medicines and conventional drugs could not be used as even a single aspirin, if taken by one of the crew, would stay in the water supply for ever as it would be excreted and then recycled.

This led to the Russian Government having to develop purely electronic means to treat their cosmonauts' health problems. Starting from the principle of Bioresonance therapy they developed a device called the Skenar or the Kosmed. This is a small, hand-held, computerised electro-therapy device of great sophistication and power. The machine puts an electric impulse into the body, reads the impulse coming back from the body, and then alters the next impulse it puts out. This is repeated until the body reaches a state of electrical normality.

The device started life as a top secret space project but is now widely used in hospitals in Russia. Most Russian ambulances carry them. They are becoming increasingly used by practitioners of Biological Medicine in the West.

Another top secret Russian space project involved the use of Extremely High Frequency (EHF) electro-magnetic radiations in the millimetre wavelength band as a means of space communication. It was accidently discovered that such radiations had a beneficial effect on human health. This led to the invention of a machine that puts such radiations into acupuncture points. These radiations are the same as those used by the acupuncture points themselves and are similar to the radiations emitted by homoeopathic medicines.


Another intriguing development from Russia is Kirlionics: a computerised electrical camera which can photograph the electrical field surrounding the human body. Changes in the electrical field of the body in health and disease can be observed. The effects of homoeopathic medicines on the body's electrical field can be seen by the camera.

With this device, the electrical effects first noted by Dr. Voll and other German pioneers are made visible to the naked eye. This gives added confirmation that their theories and conclusions are correct.

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